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Can “a gentle landing” be reimagined through our care practices? Can we imagine an understanding of “vocation” that looks at life beyond production? A Gentle Landing is a publication that offers poetic ponderings for restless dreamers. Rose unpacks these themes in ways that honor the subtle and ordinary moves toward liberation found in daily acts of survival.

🐦‍⬛ About the Author

My name is Rose J. Percy. I am a being becoming. This newsletter is an invitation to bear witness to what that means for me.

I am a poet, theologian, artist, teacher, facilitator, musician…I am someone who can often be found doing a lot of things. I need a gentle landing.

I am a Black woman, a Haitian immigrant, living in a body familiar with disablement, burnout, and trauma. I need a gentle landing.

I am passionate about scholarship and have spent about 10 years learning through the lens of faith, justice, and identity. Some of that time was spent doing ministry in predominantly white spaces and attending predominantly white institutions. In these places, individualism, mastery, rigor, and hustle culture were lifted as virtues. I need a gentle landing.

Yes, it is true. I am someone who needs a gentle landing. I write to find it—and I write to name, in gratitude, all the ways I am finding it. This is an invitation to bear witness to my journey…and an invitation to testify to yours.

Where to find me online:

This link here can lead you to my social media links, website, and Bookshop (where I share the books I am reading/recommending). You can also find me co-hosting a podcast called Black Coffee and Theology with my colleague in softness, Robert Monson.

🐦‍⬛ A Gentle Landing Preview:

“Committed to survival and wholeness of entire people, male and female. Not a separatist, except periodically, for health.” —Alice Walker, on “womanism”

🐦‍⬛ How to Engage:

  • A Gentle Landing begins with me:1 I am a human and not a machine. I am also not beholden to a posting schedule and can rest when I need to. I can share from a space of abundance and not scarcity when I know what I offer here is received by those who understand. I write generously to be read generously.

  • A Gentle Landing is for gentle-people: We are human and not machines. I think about my friends when I write. I think about those I want to be in solidarity with—those who come from various marginalized/majority world, queer, and disabled identities. A Gentle Landing can be for anyone who needs to be reminded of the possibility of land more gently. If you have more privilege in the world, perhaps, you can also lay more feathers on the ground for the rest of us.

  • A Gentle Landing may require communal, reflective, somatic, and creative responses: Look out for the “Landing Tracks” section of most posts for ways to engage actual movement towards A Gentle Landing through a variety of grounding expressions.

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Rather than tiers, I think of these of different postures that honor vocations of softness, which for me is best honored by a balance of work and rest.

perching lines | all subscribers

A “perch” is a light rest. I have been feeling a need for this space, which is called A Gentle Landing, to be..well, a little lighter. Most curated posts of poems and thoughts on what I am reading will continue to be free and public for two weeks. A few posts will remain public here, such as this one:

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When someone sends me something and says engage “at your leisure,” I can release whatever urgency I feel to follow a sense of time that honors my body and the space and energy I need to absorb what has been offered.

You can expect for free:

  • perching lines: curated content for landing gently (public comment section)

  • collaborations posts (public comment section)

    • all collaborative writings native to AGL will be public

  • Stay Sensitive, Gentle-People” subscriber chat

As a paid subscriber ($8 a month, $75 a year):

  • future essays: web exclusive, announced in chat

  • landing tracks: I have always intended “landing tracks” to be a space where people can linger, take their time in questions and practices made to be explored as often as needed.

  • paid subscriber comment section, because community building

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Womanist and Black feminist ideologies shape my views of salvation and survival. Alice Walker’s definition of womanism has especially influenced how I have set up this newsletter. For the full definition, click here.

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Poetic ponderings for restless dreamers.


Mystically contemplative poet. Guitar playing singer. Eldest daughter fugitivity. Lucille Clifton scholar. Ayïsyen 🇭🇹. Cultivating space for embodied spiritual flourishing.