What is “A Gentle Landing”?

This phrase found its way into my lexicon when I started “Dear Soft Black Woman” which is a podcast project that centers the stories of Black women+ seeking to affirm softness as a different kind of strength.

I soon learned the term is associated with midwifery. Birth is a dangerous journey, for the pregnant person and child. In midwifery, a gentle landing refers to the secure delivery of a newborn baby.

In my work, this analogy informs my approach to centering those whose journeys toward gentle landing through life are most threatened by systems of oppression, cultures of harm, and toxic ideologies.

A Gentle Landing also refers to the work I do in the world through spiritual direction, consulting, teaching, and a variety of creative expressions. Click here to explore.

About This Newsletter

This newsletter, “A Gentle Landing,” is a project born to nourish the wonderful people who listen to and support my work. I share my poetry, prayers, and ponderings to help you land gently. When you sign up, you will get emails sent to your inbox whenever I publish a new piece of writing. Be sure to add to your contacts or mark them as important so these newsletters do not gently land in the spam folder.

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Access Statement

  • Gentle landing for you: Since the goal is to make gentle landing accessible to all, as of January 2023, access to all new posts is free. The archive of posts (which hold anything up to two weeks old) will be made available to paid subscribers.

  • Gentle landing for me: Setting up my newsletter to be free means I am also not beholden to a schedule of posting and can rest when I need to. I can share from a space of abundance and not scarcity when I know what I offer here is received by those who understand I am a human and not a machine.

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More about me:

  • I am Haitian American. Mwen se yon Ayisyen ki leve Ozetazini depi’m te gen twaz an. Angle se dezyèm lang mwen, men li te vin premye lang mwen akòz de asimilasyon. Men mwen se Ayisyen nèt.

  • I host a podcast called “Dear Soft Black Woman.”

  • I love music and I play the guitar and sing.

  • Visit my website to explore more of my work and projects.

  • My scholarship:

    • B.A. in Religion, minor in social justice

    • M.Div in Religion and the Academy from Boston University School of Theology

    • Currently working on an STM in Spiritual Formation with certificates in Religion and Conflict Transformation and Spirituality Studies at Boston University School of Theology.

    • Subjects of interest: identity formation, vocational discernment, liberation theologies, womanism/Black feminism, eco-theology, theopoetics, critical pedagogy, Black literature, literary criticism, pastoral theology, and trauma studies.

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Rose J. Percy

Midwife of divinity. Educator. Podcaster. Lucille Clifton Scholar. Ayïsyen nèt. Cultivating space for embodied spiritual flourishing. www.rosejpercy.com